Why Cheerleaders Rock the Writing World

Do you have a cheerleader in your life? Someone who is trustworthy and always on your team? Who always has encouragement and kind words? Who will bring you pieces of whatever it is you need? Someone who is intrigued by what you’re so pumped about that they go out and learn more about it so they can share in your joy and excitement? Someone who never says, “Stupid dreamer. There’s no way!”

Someone where if you told them you were building a ship to take you to the moon they would ask to come along and would supply the coffee and help you draw up the plans?

Someone who makes the ‘im’ out of impossible?

Someone who has your back?

Your rock to cling to in stormy seas?

The person who makes you look good and pumps you up when you are feeling that ‘im?’

It’s like having your own personal cheerleader and there is nothing like it.

I know it is exceedingly rare to find someone like this, but if you can find a cheerleader who fits the above description, hold on to them and don’t let go. Let them know how important they are in your life.

If we wanted to flip this around… are you a cheerleader? Is there someone in your world who needs you? Needs your unconditional support? Someone you can help? Someone you can pave the road for without taking over their project or dream? If so, what are you waiting for? And if you feel the need to naysay, hold your tongue. Help them overcome the obstacles and see a path around the potholes in their road–trust me, they can see those potholes.

The right cheerleader take the 'im' out of impossible.

Tell me… Who is your mentor or cheerleader?

My mom passed away two weeks ago after two years of trying to kick cancer’s ass. She was my cheerleader in life. I can’t recall a single time she told me I couldn’t accomplish anything. She’d simply help me find a way around the obstacles or brainstorm my way back to reality if need be. πŸ˜‰ I’m grateful she got to see some of my writing success before she went and I’m also grateful that I could be with her during her final months and be her unconditional cheerleader. I could take the reins for her and be her advocate and whatever she needed. I swear she waited for me to be there before she took her final breath, to be there to cheer her on and let her know she was not alone and that everyone would be okay.

To change the subject… my dad said something interesting a few weeks ago. He said when you are doing your own thing and living with integrity (living your own life on your terms) friendships will ebb and flow. You may have friends who are there for you (supportive), but they might not be there with you (experiencing and understanding the same things you are going through). You may have to go it alone. And if you are okay with that, then you can go anywhere.

Okay, he may not have said that last sentence, but that’s how he make me feel–as though I could go anywhere. And with my biggest cheerleader gone, I go it alone. But not completely. Next week I’m going to talk about writing communities here on The Helpful Writer. And while nobody could replace the cheerleader my mom was for the past several decades, there are other important people out there helping me move forward with my writing career. I hope there are good people in your life to help you on your journey. And if not, come back next week when I’ll share some ideas on how to find great people.

Be strong my friends. And don’t forget to cherish those that are there for you even if they can’t be there with you.

Ellen Dick

Ellen Dick



Ellen Dick

August 9, 1944 – August 15, 2013







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6 comments on “Why Cheerleaders Rock the Writing World
  1. Jemi Fraser says:

    Love what your dad said – smart man! I know how close you and your mom were & I’m so glad you’ve got so many incredible memories to treasure. *hugs*

  2. Jean first of all my deepest condolences on your cheerleader and mom. You are right there will be no replacing her but I’m certain you can find a stand in for perhaps she’ll send you a little nudge when that certain someone comes along. I’ve been fortunate to have several cheerleaders that have kept me going. I believe you can never have too many and your blog always gives me a boost. Cheerleaders are everywhere you just have to be on the lookout and accept the support.

    • jeanoram says:

      Thanks Kathy.

      I’m happy to hear my blog gives you a boost. πŸ™‚

      I will keep my ears and eyes open. I’m pretty lucky in that I have some other great cheerleaders–Mom was the ultimate squad leader though. πŸ˜‰

  3. farrelljulie says:

    Hi Jean,

    Thanks for this post – I’m so lucky to have a great friend who supports my writing!

    My deepest condolences for the loss of your mum – she sounds like a wonderful lady. I’m sure her greatness lives on through her lovely, generous, and talented daughter.

    I love what your dad said. Everyone who’s made an impact on my life is with me all the time – we rely on those great people to help us achieve our potential! πŸ™‚

    • jeanoram says:

      Hi Julie, thanks for reading! Yay for supportive friends!

      Thank you for the kind words and condolences. I miss my mom every day, but I hear that is common for many people when they lose someone. πŸ™‚

      Sometimes my dad comes up with some gems that really fit the moment. I’m lucky to have him!

      Best of luck with your writing adventures.

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