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How to Make Your Book Free

I was asked by a blog reader a few weeks about how I made my independently published book free (Champagne and Lemon Drops). As in, free all the time. I replied to her, but got to thinking that this might

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9 Essential Things Most Author Websites Need And Don’t Have

Do you have an author website? And yeah, I hear some of you saying you don’t need one because you aren’t published yet. Are you querying? Are you agented? Then it is time to start thinking about finding and connecting

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How to Hold a Successful Goodreads Giveaway

While working on “The Fall: Tales From the Apocalypse,” I met South African author, Judy Croome. When “The Fall” was released, she rocked a Goodreads giveaway, getting “The Fall” added to many Goodreads reader’s shelves. Curious about the ins and

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