Setting Goals Work Better Than Resolutions

Happy New Year.

Smack, smack, smack.

What was that? Me smacking the sense back into us.

New Years is a fabulous time to make promises to ourselves we just can’t keep. Instead of grand resolutions and promises to ourselves we know we aren’t going to keep… how about we make some goals?

Why goals?

People who set goals accomplish them. People who set goals accomplish more. As in 80% more according to some sources.

Setting goals also gives us something to work towards. But you have to write them down. This makes them REAL.

Did you know that making a to do list–or a daily goal list–each morning BEFORE you do anything else is the more beneficial than writing it down even an hour later? In other words before you have coffee and check your email, jot down your writing goals for the day. This prioritizes it in your mind.

It also makes it clear to yourself what you hope to accomplish. Where you plan on heading. It gives you a target to move towards.

So? What are your writing goals for the year? What do you need to accomplish them? Where can you find the resources you need?


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