How the Helpful Writer Came to Be

Over the years, as my (Jean Oram) own writing improved and I began learning more about the business and craft of writing, I began blogging more and more seriously about it. In each post I attempted to provide my readers with one thing they could take to their writing life (whether better conflict in every scene to make the reader keep reading or how to use Twitter as an author) and see an immediate improvement. Just one action they could take to make a change. Today.

That simple.

I used to blog about writing over on my home site www.jeanoram.com, but now with my writing being published, I have decided to leave JeanOram.com as a place for my author-reader relationship while this new site, The Helpful Writer.com, can be a place for my writer friends and compatriots to get the tips they’ve come to rely on. Of course, everyone is still more than welcome to pop over to see me at JeanOram.com–and in fact, there is still a wealth of writing knowledge still hidden in the writing archives over there. Click here to sneak in the archival back door!

Who is Jean Oram

Jean Oram

Jean Oram

Jean Oram is a New York Times bestselling romance author who loves both contemporary romance as well as sweet romantic comedies. She also writes some nonfiction: www.itsallkidsplay.ca.

Jean was raised listening to vinyl in an old school house in the middle of the Canadian prairie. After trekking through several countries and teaching hundreds of people how to ski, she decided it was time to get a real career and attend university. In the first week at the University of Lethbridge, she landed a position as an entertainment reporter which was way more fun than she anticipated.

After graduating with distinction and a sociology degree, Jean quickly realized she had aimed herself straight for the fast-paced city life, a desk, nine-to-five, and high heels. Fearful for her sanity as well as the health of her wide feet, she slipped on flats and hid away in a high school library converting teenagers into readers, and enjoying her all-new favorite past time—buying thousands of books with other people’s money. Within years, she began writing her own novels.

Jean spends time volunteering as a parent helper, soccer coach, fundraising coordinator and as a site moderator at the fabulous AgentQuery Connect’s site for writers.

When not writing, Jean has been known to read (of course!), ski, as well as camp her way across North America–although Alaska is still one of her all-time favs. You can often find her out hiking, jogging 5K in a gorilla suit, but also in front of her laptop, wearing out the keys as she writes more novels.

She lives in Canada with her husband, two kids, and big shaggy dog.